Daniel Negreanu involved in Another Controversy

Famed poker pro Daniel Negreanu has never been one to back down from controversy. He was the most vocal pro when it came to bashing those who ran Full Tilt Poker intothe ground, and the Canadian has frequently ripped Annie Duke and her brother Howard Lederer. However, he recently found someone outside of the poker world to get into it with.

Negreanu’s new beef was with a Philadelphia high school basketball coach named Nicholas Cusato. While we’ve yet to uncover what exactly started their fight, we do know that it involved some pretty heavy twitter exchanges. Here’s an excerpt from one of their conversations:

‘Daniel NegreanuVerified ‏@RealKidPoker’

Sarah looks waaaay better as a blond. Yeah that’s right, I went from ‪#Survivor to ‪#TheChallenge and I’m not ashamed to admit it!

‪@RealKidPoker when are you gonna come out of the closet?

‪@NickyCusato interesting question. I guess if I did you’d show me the ropes? Or “the rope” Hahahahaha!

‪@RealKidPoker na I’d probably just knock your teeth down your throat with a left hook

‪@NickyCusato goosefraba bro. You need some anger management classes.

KidPoker doesn’t normally get into twitter fights like these with anybody outside of the poker world. But it’s not surprising that Negreanu decided to send a zinger back when the basketball coach questioned his sexuality. Other casual observers and poker forum users have also made comments about Negreanu being gay too – possibly because he’s pretty ‘metro’ and isn’t married at the age of 38.

But when looking at the fact that the Canadian frequently travels around the world and makes millions of dollars annually through poker, it’s not surprising that he’s still single.