Tatjana Pasalic re-signs with Bodog Poker

If you’re looking for somebody to be the face of your poker site – both figuratively and physically – there’s nobody better than Tatjana Pasalic. After all, Pasalic is one of the most beautiful women in the poker industry, and she’s also one of the most skilled reporters too. Following the re-signing, the 27-year-old tweeted about the deal with the following:

Very proud and happy to announce that I have renewed my @Bodog and @calvinayre.com contract. Bring on the party and more poker videos!

Now only did Pasalic tweet about renewing the contract with Bodog Poker, but she also made a statement by saying, “The WSOP is around the corner and I can confirm I will definitely be on that plane. I love working with Bodog and they seem to like me..here’s to another great year.”

Many players and fans enjoy her insightful interviews, and the Croatian babe’s accent certainly adds something to the equation as well. Of course, nobody’s going to accuse Pasalic of being the world’s best poker player – she has $5,937 in live poker tournament cashes. However, not every signing is purely based on tournament performance, and Pasalic is a great Bodog re-signing for a number of reasons, with the biggest being that she fits their Recreational Player Model.

As you many know, Bodog has dedicated themselves to recruiting recreational players. And if they’re trying to get amateur players to their site, having a pretty face like Tatjana Pasalic will definitely go a long ways towards making this happen.

If you’re wondering about Pasalic’s specific credentials, she has done reporting work for Party Poker, the WPT, and the TV show “Face The Game.” In addition to this, many people credit her with starting a poker boom in her native country of Croatia. She’s also done some modeling work, as you can see below: