Why I Dig Online Poker

I’ve been playing online poker since October 2005 – I remember the date because I had just started a new job and one of my coworkers introduced me to it. It didn’t take me long to get into the scene. Online poker just does it for me and I’ll tell you the reasons why, right here and now.

I played poker on Friday nights with my friends for years, so I was sort of skeptical about playing online at first. After all, who needs online poker when you’ve got your friends, right? But that’s just the point. My poker night crew was getting smaller and smaller as they married off and had kids. The good thing about online poker is that you can just get online whenever you want and there are hundreds (even thousands) of people to play against, even if it’s just for a spare minute. I still play with my friends whenever I can, but when they can’t make it I have an alternative. And with online poker I don’t have to wait until Friday-I make every night poker night.

Online poker has also introduced me to new poker game variations. My friends and I always play Hold’em. Since I’ve started playing online I’ve played Caribbean Stud, Omaha and Five Card Poker. I’ve also gotten in a lot of practice time, so when I do get a chance to meet up with my friends I crush them every time.

Let’s face it-online poker is all about convenience. I can play any time I want, any variation of poker I want, for fun or money. Who wouldn’t dig it?

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