Struggling Zynga Poker grasping at Mobile Straws

Social gaming giant Zynga really shows what a difference a year can make. After all, Zynga was going strong around this time last year and had Wall Street fascinated with their initial public offering. Fast-forward to now and Zynga has seen their stock plummet from $10 (December, 2011) to just $2.21 a share and is mired in another nasty legal battle – this time with game-maker Kixeye, which allegedly stole the CityVille concept.

The Good

If there’s anything good happening for the company at this point, it’s that Zynga Poker is still going strong with over 37 million members. Sure growth has slowed, but their large membership base shows that people still have a strong desire to play free poker. FarmVille 2 is experiencing even more success with over 50 million players since a September launch. But even with the success of FarmVille 2 and Zynga Poker, the company still needs some help.

Zynga’s Future

Like many online gaming companies, Zynga has been dedicating a lot of time towards the mobile market. And it’s a good thing too because many feel that the social gaming kingpin needs to focus on mobile games or else they’ll continue to struggle. So far they’ve developed “The Ville” and “ChefVille” and are working on other games.

Real Money Games

Of course, the bigger future of Zynga could be real money gaming. The company has currently been interested in real money poker and casino games. And their social network partner, Facebook, has already entered the UK market with a real money bingo game. Zynga doesn’t plan on going into the international market right now, but they would like to get a license in the US if legislation opens up more. Perhaps then, the company can start to turn things around and improve their landsliding stlcoks.

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