Full Tilt firing Poker Pros?

Just days after UB and Absolute Poker let go of their signed pros, rumors are flying about Full Tilt Poker possibly dropping their poker pros.

The rumor started on the popular podcast site QuadJacks.com, where they discussed potential firings after Full Tilt apparently blocked signed pros from appearing on the show. The most infamous event so far is when Mike Matusow was on the show talking about Full Tilt’s situation, and an FT rep called Matusow while the show was happening to get him to quit talking. Matusow stayed on QuadsJacks and switched the topic to sports, only to be called again by Full Tilt and told to get off of the show.

In the aftermath of the Matusow incident, the QuadJacks hosts appear angry, and have lashed out at the world’s second largest poker site. Here is some of what was said between the show’s hosts from an episode last week:

I don’t think everything is all right, it is not all right.  Nobody from the top of management has let anyone know.  Where is the money Full Tilt?  At least PokerStars has sent checks.  They are paying their shills to say that everything is okay.  Everything is NOT okay.  They are forbidden to speak.

“Cause for concern?”

“I don’t think we are going to see our money.  I don’t think they have money to pay their players.”

“We will schedule Full Tilt Poker players to appear on the program and as soon as this announcement is made public, someone contacts these players and tells them they have to go.  Morbid this kind of surveillance is kinda weird.”

“Let it slide the first few times….had interview all lined up…all of a sudden the player can’t come on.  Everyone is in a cloud of secrecy right now.  If they can’t pay these players accounts and pay these pros, this is a major problem.”

Towards the end of the show, the Quadjacks hosts speculated that they think the Full Tilt Poker pros will be fired soon just like the UB/Absolute pros were. And while this is all very interesting, we’ll just have to see how accurate the predictions are.