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Matusow angry about Nevada banning Daily Fantasy Sports

Sunday, October 18th, 2015

mike-matusow-pokerTimes have been rocky for Mike Matusow ever since Black Friday happened and his Full Tilt Poker sponsorship disappeared. He managed a couple of big scores in 2013 – winning the NBC Heads-Up Championship ($750k) and a WSOP bracelet ($266.5k) – but has been suffering from medical problems ever since. And now Matusow finds out out that his home state, Nevada, has banned daily fantasy sports (DFS) until these sites can obtain licenses. Here’s a look at Matusow’s tweets:

1st they take away my Internet poker and my life ,now they take away my dfs sports while I’m stuck bed ridden trying to get healthy#thissuck

This is all because of the greedy people in Las Vegas casinos wanting a piece of the pie,such a joke #greed

As I recently discussed, the DFS world has been criticized for everything from pros taking advantage of amateurs to a scandal that happened at DraftKings/FanDuel. So it’s little wonder why a state that’s based its reputation on gaming would decide to ban DFS. Specifically, Nevada wants to protect its regulated iGaming market from unregulated daily fantasy sports.

Despite the reasoning, it’s pretty clear that Matusow isn’t happy that the government has intervened and prevented him from playing another game he loves.

With the omission of Nevada, DFS is now tolerated in 44 of 50 U.S. states. However, we can only imagine that more states will soon take action against the unregulated industry, given that pretty much every other form of iGaming is frowned upon in America. The best solution for us all would be to have the federal government legalize everything from DFS and sports betting to online poker and casino games. This way, we and Matusow won’t have to complain about all the limitations and lack of freedoms.

Debate over Mike Matusow’s Excessive Celebration intensifies

Tuesday, June 17th, 2014

A few days ago, Mike “The Mouth” Matusow was hit with an excessive celebration penalty in a 2014 WSOP $2.5k Omaha-8/Stud-8 event. Since then, many poker pros like Daniel Negreanu have jumped to his defense, saying that big personalities are good for the game and the penalty was uncalled for.

As for The Mouth himself, he innocently describes the situation as him winning a $200k pot, followed by him walking around the room and yelling “Yes!” Okay, so are we to believe this boy scout recollection from one of the brashest poker players in history?

Not according to WSOP bracelet winner Allyn Shulman, who wholeheartedly agreed with the penalty. Shulman was actually at Matusow’s table when the scene went down and wrote about his constant stream of profanities in her CardPlayer blog. The entire post is a good read, but here’s one especially telling excerpt:

After Mike won the pot, he started screaming he was the greatest F***ING player in the world, no one F***ING deserved this like he did, etc. He pounded on the table making the chips shake and then started running around the room whooping, hollering, yelling, jumping and swearing.

A number of players at the table who were obviously fed up with Mike’s shenanigans eventually called the floorman and asked about Mike’s excessive celebration.

IT WAS THE PLAYERS WHO COMPLAINED. Now why would the good folks at the table do that? Clearly Mike had been out of line since the redraw. So after he won the pot and continued his loud, foul-mouthed unruly behavior, some players finally had enough and complained.

When floor man Dave Lamb came over to assess the penalty, after already issuing a warning mind you, Matusow got up in his face and started cussing him out. The Mouth seemed to think that because rules changed to be more lenient about profanity at the table, he could say the F-word as much as he wanted, provided it wasn’t directed at anybody in particular.

However, Shulman points out that Rule 45 of the 2014 WSOP handbook states that the Rio prohibits players from using foul language in public areas of the casino. Moreover, players can be assessed penalties for violating this rule.

It’s highly, highly unlikely that Shulman is making all of this up and just taking a shot at Matusow. The more likely scenario is that a bunch of pros are jumping to Mike’s defense that really didn’t take in the whole scene, nor did they know that Lamb had already given Matusow a warning.

Dan Bilzerian Craziness continues: He loses $2.5m in One Night

Wednesday, August 21st, 2013

Dan Bilzerian is known as one of the wildest and craziest poker players in the game today. The son of wealthy corporate takeover guru Paul Bilzerian, Dan first became well known after the lid was blown on Hollywood poker games involving Tobey Maguire, Ben Affleck, Leonardo DiCaprio and Matt Damon. Bilzerian was interviewed about his participation in these high stakes poker games and even called Maguire a “cheap bitch.”

The poker playboy has also gained notoriety for having three heart attacks and bragging about his use of steroids. With all of this being said, the latest chapter in his wild life is pretty easy to believe.

While playing at the Aria poker room recently, Bilzerian tweeted a picture of $2.5 million worth of chips (see below). He added the following message that explained what happened to the money:

I dusted off all this last weekend in Vegas.. My dad said, stop gambling. I told him, no one likes a…

It’s likely that Bilzerian participated in the big $2k/$5k NLHE game that’s currently running at the Aria. Some of the notable players involved in this game include Andrew Robl, Tom Dwan and Richard Yong. There’s a good chance that at least one of these guys got a piece of the $2.5 million that Bilzerian spewed.

What’s sad is that, just last month, he tweeted about dropping $3.1 million in a single night while playing poker and dice. Assuming the numbers are correct, he’s lost a combined $5.6 million in two gambling sessions over the past couple months.

Bilzerian must have made a lot in other high stakes poker games if he can afford to drop this kind of money. After all, he’s tweeted pictures before of a $9 million-plus chip stack he had at the Aria. Plus it’s possible that he might have gotten an initial bankroll boost from his father in the beginning.

Whatever the case may be, Bilzerian continues to be one of the most entertaining poker pros in the game today. He’s somewhat of a throwback to the early and mid-2000’s, when poker was dominated by big personalities/personas like Mike Matusow, Sammy Farha and Scotty Nguyen.

Mike Matusow Bitter over Full Tilt Poker

Tuesday, January 29th, 2013

With his fanny pack and big attitude, Mike Matusow recently did an interview about his lack of a Full Tilt Poker contract.

Matusow is fresh off of winning the 2013 NBC National Heads-Up Poker Championship ($750,000) – a tournament where he had to overcome 12-time WSOP bracelet winner Phil Hellmuth in the finals. With that being said, “The Mouth” is simply dumbfounded as to why Full Tilt wouldn’t renew a contract with him because obviously he still has what it takes to make them money.

Matusow expressed his extreme annoyance about FTP signing Viktor Blom, Gus Hansen, and Tom Dwan after they reopened. He stated, “You know, I was hoping to catch back on with Full Tilt. But they don’t want me, it looks like.” He added, “I don’t know why – I’m a walking billboard. It’s crazy, I walk around here and everybody knows who I am. Everybody wants pics and autographs.”

Matusow is a confident player and fully believes he is being overlooked. He said “Why anybody wouldn’t want me to represent them is beyond me. But they wanna have these internet kids with no personalities and nobody even knows who they are. Hey I’m not gonna beg somebody to make them money. I know what I bring to the table.”

He even pulls out some low blows by saying that Blom and Hansen were “stone degenerates who go in and out of money every week.” Of course, this may just have been the tampons talking that were in his fanny pack. It’s unfortunate that Matusow has become a bitter menopausal over the situation; but hopefully he will catch the eye of another well known online poker room and have more success with them after the NBC victory.

Mike Matusow thinks WSOP Tournament Buy-ins should be Dramatically Lowered

Sunday, June 17th, 2012

Mike Matusow says a lot of things, which means that not everything coming out of his mouth is in anywhere, shape or form newsworthy. However, he did recently make a good point about how WPT and WSOP tournament buy-ins should be lowered so more live players can make a living. “The Mouth” discussed this in a recent interview by saying the following:

I’m not a big fan of traveling the circuit. Unless they bring the buy ins down to around $3,000 now, everybody is going to go broke. I think all the WPTs and all the WSOPC events should be like $3,000 and they should cut the rake in half. People are hurting. If you’re going to play a $10,000 tournament once a month, it’s impossible to survive. That’s why you don’t see me.

It costs like $700k a year to play all the big tournaments. That’s about one second place finish. Do you have any idea how hard it is to win second place every year? You’re playing the best players in the world.

Matusow went on to say that he doesn’t think the poker world can sustain itself without the big sponsorship deals coming from sites like PokerStars and Full Tilt Poker. He specifically pointed out that the WSOP has to “start giving back” because times are rougher right now.

The Mouth also talked about the Full Tilt Poker situation a little, and he basically backed Howard Lederer and Chris Ferguson up by saying, ”

I still believe Howard is not a criminal. Chris is not a criminal. I know they would never steal from anybody. They made mistakes. When they had no money they needed to sell right away. They had offers but they wanted to be greedy about it and keep control. They lost the offers. They put themselves in this position.

As evidenced by his nickname, Matusow has always been known as a loudmouth. However, with 18 years of experience in the poker world, he does have some good insight into the current state of the game. And it’d certainly be nice if the WSOP took his advice about cutting tournament rake in half!

Scott Matusow and Mike Matusow reconcile

Sunday, December 4th, 2011

Three weeks ago, an abrupt feud between poker pro Mike Matusow and his brother Scott Matusow was dominating the poker news headlines. The fight started when Mike Matusow dissed his brother for promoting a negative article about Phil Ivey and Full Tilt Poker through Mike’s twitter feed.

Then Scott Matusow wrote an unflattering post about Mike entitled An open letter to Mike Matusow. The jest of the post was that Mike is a degenerate gambler who only comes around his family when he needs something. In any case, I got to wondering about how things would be over the holidays when the Matusow brothers got together again. And apparently, they’ve already reconciled as Scott mentioned in his most recent blog post.

The most telling excerpt from the blog post read as follows:

There was a good deal of somewhat heated convo, but I was able to get my point across to him pertaining to the things I wrote on my last blog. I stated to him that I did not want to publicly air our stuff out, but that I felt I did not have a choice in the matter, since talking to him privately up to this point, and getting him to listen was a virtual impossibility. It seems that he now understands things much better, and he expressed to me he wished I did not publicly do what I did. However, I did apologize and explain it was not meant to hurt him, and explained to him why I did and both of us have come to a common understanding over this issue.

Is this the end of the drama for the Matusow’s? With two such explosive characters so closely related, it seems unlikely, but only time will tell. As for Mike Matusow, the former Full Tilt Poker pro continues to play in tournaments and build upon his impressive $7,828,911 in career cashes. Scott Matusow appears to be posting on his blog every once and a while, and benefits from his relationship to Mike.


Phil Ivey in WSOP Main Event?

Saturday, July 2nd, 2011

Back in May, Phil Ivey made a very strong statement that he had no intention of playing in any WSOP events this year. This statement was made along with Ivey expressing his disappointment in Full Tilt Poker over their non-payment of player funds. And it preceded his big $150 million lawsuit against FTP, which was blasted by several pros like Tony G and Mike Matusow.

However, it appears as if Ivey may be changing his tune following the possible sale of Full Tilt Poker to European investors. The news came via Ivey’s friend Barry Greenstein, who talked about the plans in an interview with PokerNews. You can check out Greenstein’s interview right here.

Going back to Ivey, his original statement was that he didn’t want to play in the 2011 WSOP because he said it wasn’t fair if other players could participate – due to their money being locked up in FTP. But weeks later, we saw him opening up to Full Tilt by meeting with the company’s executives in Ireland. It was reported that the meeting involved Ivey and FTP settling over the money he had tied up in the site.

Following this news, the LA Times broke a huge story about FTP working on a deal with the mysterious European investors that are still unknown at this point. And bringing this all to the present, Ivey plans on playing the Main Event as long as the deal gets completed soon.

However, even though the LA Times reported that the deal was already done, we’re still waiting on it to be officially completed. Seeing as how the Main Event starts in a few days, that doesn’t give Ivey much time to finalize his decision on playing in the tournament.

Full Tilt firing Poker Pros?

Tuesday, May 17th, 2011

Just days after UB and Absolute Poker let go of their signed pros, rumors are flying about Full Tilt Poker possibly dropping their poker pros.

The rumor started on the popular podcast site, where they discussed potential firings after Full Tilt apparently blocked signed pros from appearing on the show. The most infamous event so far is when Mike Matusow was on the show talking about Full Tilt’s situation, and an FT rep called Matusow while the show was happening to get him to quit talking. Matusow stayed on QuadsJacks and switched the topic to sports, only to be called again by Full Tilt and told to get off of the show.

In the aftermath of the Matusow incident, the QuadJacks hosts appear angry, and have lashed out at the world’s second largest poker site. Here is some of what was said between the show’s hosts from an episode last week:

I don’t think everything is all right, it is not all right.  Nobody from the top of management has let anyone know.  Where is the money Full Tilt?  At least PokerStars has sent checks.  They are paying their shills to say that everything is okay.  Everything is NOT okay.  They are forbidden to speak.

“Cause for concern?”

“I don’t think we are going to see our money.  I don’t think they have money to pay their players.”

“We will schedule Full Tilt Poker players to appear on the program and as soon as this announcement is made public, someone contacts these players and tells them they have to go.  Morbid this kind of surveillance is kinda weird.”

“Let it slide the first few times….had interview all lined up…all of a sudden the player can’t come on.  Everyone is in a cloud of secrecy right now.  If they can’t pay these players accounts and pay these pros, this is a major problem.”

Towards the end of the show, the Quadjacks hosts speculated that they think the Full Tilt Poker pros will be fired soon just like the UB/Absolute pros were. And while this is all very interesting, we’ll just have to see how accurate the predictions are.

Poker Prop Bets Abound in 2010

Wednesday, May 12th, 2010

Prop bets have always been big in poker, with professional players making all sorts of ridiculous personal bets. Vegetarians have gone carnivore, players have golfed for a whopping $18,000 per hole, moved to Israel, gotten tattoos and more. The most recent prop bet in the world of professional poker is between players Phil Ivey and Howard Lederer.

Lederer has bet $5 million against Ivey winning WSOP bracelets in the 2010 and 2011 tournaments. Ivey has won a total of seven bracelets since the 2000 World Series of Poker, two of which he won last year. He also managed to make it to the Main Event final table in last year’s tournament. However, will he win two bracelets this year and the next? Apparently he’s willing to bet $5 million that he will!

On a crazier note, player Ted Forrest has a $2 million prop bet going with Mike Matusow. Matusow has bet Forrest that he can’t get his weight down to 139 pounds by July 15. He currently weights 188. If he manages to take of the 49 pounds, Forrest will get $2 million. If he doesn’t, he’ll pay Matusow $150,000. On a previous prop bet, Forrest ran a full marathon in Las Vegas summer heat for $7000 and went immediately to the hospital for severe foot injuries when he finished. Hopefully this new prop bet won’t land him in the hospital again! Matusow has also agreed to run through the Vegas Strip totally naked if three women take home bracelets in the WSOP.

WSOP Tournament of Champions is Back

Friday, March 19th, 2010

The Tournament of Champions, one of the most exciting all-star events hosted by the WSOP, is coming back this summer. The tournament was shelved in 2006, but is back due to popular demand. The tournament is a $1 million freeroll for the top 20 bracelet holders of WSOP tournaments past. It should be one of the most exciting tournaments of the summer!

Who determines which players will take part in the Tournament of Champions? Poker fans like you and me! The polls opened on March 15 and will remain open until June 15 at the WSOP website. Any previous WSOP bracelet winner is eligible. Additionally, five players have already been automatically selected to take part in the tournament. These players are Joe Cada (the reigning WSOP Main Event champion), Barry Shulman (winner of the Main Event in WSOP Europe this year), and Annie Duke, Mike Sexton and Mike Matusow (previous winners of the WSOP Tournament of Champions).

The tournament is scheduled to begin on June 27 and will take place at the Rio. Players will compete until they are narrowed down to a final table of 9 players and the final table will be played on July 4. Players are playing for their share of the $1 million prize as well as the prestigious title of Tournament of Champions winner. First place will receive $500,000; second place takes home $100,000; and the rest of the players at the final table will take home $25,000.