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Tom Dwan made $800k in 2013 Online Poker Profits

Tuesday, January 7th, 2014

Before 2013 began, there was one common assumption about Tom Dwan: the online high stakes games had passed him by. Sure, Dwan is rumored to be making big profits in the juicy Macau cash games. But the general consensus was that Asian whales are about the only players whom he can handle these days.

Perhaps determined to prove these theories wrong, Dwan ended his two-year hiatus from online poker and began playing in the Full Tilt nosebleeds again. Success didn’t come right away because Dwan quickly saw himself down over $500k to start the year. However, durrrr responded with a $2.3 million upswing in February.

From here, things got a little bit rocky as Dwan’s profits went up and down. At one point, he was $2.2 million in the black for 2013. But the last few months of the year saw Dwan go on a $1.4 million downswing. Even with this bad stretch, the New Jersey native booked an $800k profit in 2013.

So can this guy still hang with online poker’s best? Based purely on how he performed on the poker tables last year, we definitely have to say that Dwan still has the skills. And don’t forget, this is a player who revolutionized the way many high stakes grinders played in the last 2000’s. Assuming Dwan had to solely make his living through internet poker, we strongly believe that he’d find a way to do so.

But it certainly doesn’t look like online poker will be grabbing Dwan’s full attention any time soon. After all, he’s still whale hunting in Macau and probably making a very good profit in doing so. Given that Dwan still takes months off in between his online play, the best we can hope for is to sporadically see him on the cyber poker tables.